An Excursion to Lembang Floating Market


Formerly Situ Umar and then transformed into Lembang Floating Market

It was March 17th 2013, me and my girlfriend decided to go somewhere out of town. Visiting a new place, spending a few free times together on the weekend, Lembang Floating Market is such a nice place to visit though, I thought. I just curious but didn’t expect too much from the beginning.

I rode my motorbike passed through the main road connecting Lembang in West Bandung Regency with Jalan Setiabudhi, Bandung.  Lembang Floating market located in Jalan Grand Hotel. From the Lembang Market, turn right at the junction, not far from it, there it is Lembang Floating Market on the left side. Before passing the main gate, we paid IDR 10,000 per person for the entrance fee, and IDR 2,000 for parking fee for motorbike. Afterwards, you can redeem the ticket for a cup of coffee, Milo, or lemon tea at the main entrance.


A cup of Hot Milo for free after redeemed my admission ticket and coins for transaction.

Lembang Floating Market formerly was a natural lake called Situ Umar (situ=lake) and then transformed into tourist attraction consists of factory outlet, food court, rabbit park, swan park, restaurants, souvenir shop, Kampung Leuit, and so on.  It opens only on weekend, Saturday and Sunday. You can do some activities, such as canoeing, water cycling, shopping, strolling around the lake side, photograph hunting.

One of the highlights in this tourist attraction is the way of transaction by using coins. You can not buy anything directly with money. You must exchange your cash into coins. There are some nominal coins you can buy: 5 thousand, 10 thousand, 50 thousand, or 100 thousand rupiahs. For a portion of siomay Bandung, it costs 20 thousands rupiahs. For a glass of Cendol, it costs 10 thousands rupiahs.  It’s a bit overpriced, no? 😛


Floating market. Yes, It is!

Swan Park.

Swan Park.

Rabbit Park

Rabbit Park

Kampung Leuit. A miniature of village landscape with mini rice fields.

Kampung Leuit. A miniature of rural landscape with mini rice fields.

I mind you don’t expect a floating market as you see in Thailand or Banjarmasin. Yea, overheard from some visitors who were coming in, apparently they had expected too much. At least two from three visitors said, “Where is the floating market exactly?”. Keep away a picture in your mind describing many crafts floating in the mid of the lake just like what you see in Thailand or Banjarmasin. Overall, this place is a worth to visit, especially for the Jakartans. 😀


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